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Quote: “We share the one self that is love, like one big family.”


Maitreya for peace, love and happiness!

Quote: “Nothing could not be there so everything was light (the breath of God) and that light stretched into infinity to all directions. Light can be broken in color. All of color is light, also the elements, the seen and unseen. There is no past, no future. There is no beginning and end. There is no first cause no consequence. Life is lived between the unborn and no death.” -Maitreya-


About God Maitreya, the awaited New World Teacher…

Rogier Pondaag, born in 1974 in Rotterdam, was living in Oldenzaal the Netherlands. After living a spiritual life back in 2005 (after weeks of initiation) received the message from a group of heaven that Jesus (God) wanted to marry him. He received the name Maitreya. Maitreya is the so-called all religions awaited new world teacher. Then Maitreya developed a recipe for world peace. Maitreya is God, is who you really are.


Quote : “When you ask the question who am I and you forget the past but look now. In that instant, there is something that does not evolve, something that does not develop, does not grow older. Something that continues, continuously. That which was, is and will be. Something that does not change, does not come, or go or has a past or future. That’s who you really are!” -Maitreya-

The world peace mission of Maitreya…

One world free of national borders, eveything for free for everyone and amnesty to all prisoners to celebrate life together!

Imagine a world without borders, where you can go and stay wherever you want. Imagine a world without money, where everything is for free for everyone. Where rich and poor will disappear. Where everything is for everybody. Imagine a world without prisoners. Amnesty to all prisoners. This to unite in a common goal and to celebrate life together!

Quote: “Everything that comes from love is a miracle, everything is love so everything is a miracle, you are love, you’re a miracle. Life is a course in miracles.” -Maitreya-

What Maitreya says about his message…

“I’m not here to heal you, bring awareness,  bring enlightenment, or start a new religion. I am here not to heal you because you have made yourself sickness and death, and can therefore abolish them both (health is inner peace and live is lived between the unborn and no death). bring no awareness because you do not have to understand anything to find truth. Bring no enlightenment because you do not have to do anything to be yourself. No religion for believe means that disbelief is also possible , knowledge of God does not have really an opposite. Knowledge of God is knowledge of the self. There is one self and that is love. Love is unity. You are love, God is love, you are God. What love is can’t be taught or learned because there has never been a time in wich you knew it not. You’ve never not been yourself. It’s all about that wich has always been the case.”

Quote: “If you’re having trouble, or wondering why things are the way they are, you’re involved in a story. A story is like the subtitles of a movie and you are like the undamaged moviescreen. What really does happen has no past, or future. Still, I’m not trying to get you out of your story, it would be a confirmation of what’s never been. Because the ego is the storyteller and all the time you tried to get rid of the ego to become yourself, you were already yourself. Only reality is true and reality is love, there is only the true self.” -Maitreya-

In conversation with the Maitreya…

Meet Yourself, meet Maitreya.

Invite Maitreya (e-mail: rogier.pondaag@hotmail.com) for a free talk about inner peace and world peace.

Quote: “My thoughts, statements and written words mean nothing to the truth about yourself. You do not have to understand anything to come to the truth about yourself. Do not try to understand me, or do not do something what seems to be important that I tell you. All your research and efforts do not mean anything, you do not need to understand, or do anything. Do not think my message is important. In essence, student and teacher are equal to each other, there is no transmission. Follow no one, celebrate diversity, embrace unity.”-Maitreya-

It’s not about the miracles I could perform but what we could mean for eachother for the world in love and unity, that’s the real miracle…

Help Maitreya along with spreading the message and your expertise as the global cooperation can arise in the areas of health, clean drinking water, food, infrastructure, housing, clean fuels, education, recreation and tourism, transport, entertainment, disarmament, animal welfare and so on. For a better world. Let’s do this together!

Quote: “Truly seeing is knowing that you are the visible and invisible.” -Maitreya-


Celebration of the world peace mission of Maitreya…

I invite the wordpopulation to gather around the great pyramids Egypt. Building up to the celebration on Januari 1st-2027 till Januari 14th-2027. What not means that not everything is already for free and so on.

Quote: “Learning to know your unchangeable nature and boundlessness is realizing who you are and where you are is realizing that what you are is everywhere and whatever is, is that what you are.” -Maitreya-


Quote: “Life is about happiness that comes from peace and gratitude that comes from happiness.” -Maitreya-